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AI thought leadership content

Lead the LinkedIn conversation with thought leadership articles which reflect your company strategy.

Get started with your thought leadership

The thought leadership AI content tool works best when it knows about your business. Please answer the questions below. In total it shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete. Your reward is great LinkedIn content built for your company’s brand.

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Required.Providing your company name helps to personalise the thought leadership piece.
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Keep your mission statement concise and clear to reduce ‘waffle’ in your thought leadership writing.
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Keep to one topic, or the piece will lose focus and be less interesting.

More focused

Use the slider to decide how creative, but potentially off-topic, the thought leadership content will be.

That’s it, push the green button below and your LinkedIn thought leadership piece will be generated.

LinkedIn thought leadership article

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What next?

Well you could just cut and paste the generated content into LinkedIn, but I wouldn't recommend that. Ideally, you should use the AI-generated thought leadership piece as a starting point. Read through it, adapt it, and for the best results speak to a copywriter and ask them to refine it.