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Use the power of AI tools to hone your marketing comms and make your day easier. Marketing with has been purpose-built for marketing people. Creating better, more engaging results than generic AI chat tools.

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Turn your existing PR and marketing content into social posts.

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Create your next promotional email in minutes.

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Think up ideas for fresh articles and social content.

All about Marketing with

The rise of AI-powered chatbots (like ChatGPT) looks set to transform many industries, and marketing is no exception. I've been working in digital marketing ever since there was such a thing as digital marketing and I created Marketing with to provide a set of useful tools to fellow marketers who want to utilise AI.

What if I want to…

I’ll keep adding new AI marketing tools to this site, and I welcome suggestions on what tools will be useful, as well as feedback on the results you get from these AI tools. Please do get in touch will all your comments and ideas.

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